CSV File Submissions

3 Simple Steps to Submit
  1. Create the CSV
  2. Verify the CSV (Optional)
  3. Upload the CSV

How to create a CSV

There are two ways to do this: by hand or using decklists.

Create by hand

Best for

  • Those who have the opened product
  • Those who are comfortable using a spreadsheet
  • Those who enjoy typing in card names one at a time


  1. (Skip this step if you’ve already submitted before. Just use a copy of a previous CSV.) To ensure you have a Deckbox-compatible CSV, either download a CSV export of your Deckbox inventory, or download one of the CSVs in this resource. Clear all the contents except the header row.
  2. Ensure that only these columns are present, and in the following order: Count, Name, Foil, Card Number, Edition. Please do not include Language or Condition, as these will be set by the end user.
  3. Fill in all the information for each card. You can skip the card number except when the card has more than one artwork variation in that edition, such as with basic lands.
    • If a card is foil, enter foil into that column; otherwise, leave that column blank.
    • If you aren’t sure on Deckbox’s naming convention for a given edition, you can find it on the Editions page.
  4. Ensure you are following this guide’s best practices (see below).

Create using decklists

Best for

  • Those who want to keep their product sealed
  • Those who can verify via other methods, such as an unboxing video
  • Those who prefer following a series of process steps as opposed to entering cards individually


You must either
  • feel comfortable backing up, deleting, and reinstating your inventory; or
  • have access to an additional dummy account on Deckbox (this is allowed if you obtain permission from Deckbox staff, as long as you never use the dummy account for trading/selling; see rule 1.1)


TL;DR — This list of 9 steps may feel much more complicated than the “by hand” approach, but once you've done it a couple times, it takes FAR less time than manual entry.

  1. (Skip if you’re using a dummy account) Export your current inventory to CSV; save in a safe place. Go to Tools > Remove Everything to clear your online inventory.
  2. Copy the decklist from any reputable source. (I know wikis have a bad rap, but I've found that MTG Wiki is generally pretty reliable.)
    • Note any important info, such as which cards are foil, alternate art face cards (which often have their own edition on Deckbox), any included oversized cards or tokens, etc. These details can be manually changed / entered later.
  3. Paste the decklist into Add Cards > Add Card List.
  4. Switch the default edition to the correct one, and click Import.
  5. Important — Multiple edition precons: Many precons, like Challenger Decks and Intro Packs, include cards from multiple editions. Check your decklist source for which editions cards can come from (MTG Wiki often will list this info). If your precon has multiple editions, follow these steps:
    • Repeat steps 3–4 for each possible edition. (This will add duplicates to your inventory.)
    • In Search & Filter, add the No Edition Set filter and Apply.
    • Tick the topmost checkbox to select all cards on that page, then choose Card Actions > Remove Selected. Repeat until no more cards are displayed. Clear the filter.
    • If the total cards in inventory (you may have to refresh the page) is greater than the decklist, that means one or more cards was added from more than one valid edition. Sort by Name to see which ones. You’ll have to use an unboxing video to determine which version is actually included in the deck. If you do not plan to verify, please clear the edition completely from the card rather than choose one blindly.
  6. The following steps can be completed in any order, depending on whether you prefer working within Deckbox or a spreadsheet:
    • Sort inventory by edition (E/#), then go to Tools > Export.
    • Perform all necessary manual changes on the cards, such as splitting basic lands into their correct artwork counts, setting the foil flag on face cards, adding cards not included in the decklist (such as oversized cards and tokens), etc.
  7. Ensure that the exported CSV contains only these columns, and in the following order: Count, Name, Foil, Card Number, Edition. Please do not include Language or Condition, as these will be set by the end user.
  8. Ensure you are following this guide’s best practices (see below).
  9. Clear your online inventory. Re-import your original inventory from the CSV you exported in step 1.

Best Practices

  • It is preferred that the CSV is sorted by edition and collector number, though doing so is not necessary, as it will not negatively affect import nor break compatibility with other CSVs.
  • As an exception to the above, if the deck has a "face card" (such as a commander or the foil face cards of Intro/Planeswalker decks), it is preferred that this card is listed at the top of the CSV, directly below the header row.
  • If a precon has multiple parts, such as the two separate decks of the Duel Deck series or the main deck and sideboard of Challenger Decks, it is preferred that you keep them separated in the CSV file with a blank line.
  • If a card appears in more than one section (such as a playset being split between maindeck and sideboard), enter accurate counts for that card for each section. Deckbox will combine them.

You can see at a glance which precons are still needed under Unverified / Missing CSVs below.

How to verify a CSV

Definition: "Verified CSV" means one that has been confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt to be 100% identical to that precon coming straight out of the box, down to every detail such as how many of each basic land artwork are included.

You are not required to verify the CSV in order to submit it, but please clearly indicate this lack of verification when submitting.

If you're not sure how to go about verifying a CSV, read the following tips.

Tips for verifying

I have an opened deck! I’ll just look at that.

Careful. If you don’t feel 100% confident that the opened deck you have is completely unaltered from when you first opened it, there’s no shame in that, but please don’t go with your gut or best guess and mark the file as verified. It would be much better to allow another user down the line to verify the CSV’s contents than to accidentally allow several dozen downloads of an inaccurate CSV.

No worries, I know for a fact that the contents have never been altered.

Cool. But you are not exempt from user error! Take your time and double check your entries. In particular, make sure any foil cards match the picture on Deckbox. They are sometimes alternate art promos (Intro Packs and Clash Packs both had these) that have their own special edition on Deckbox. Also double check the counts of each basic land artwork, comparing the picture on Deckbox to the one in your hand. It’s easy to get the counts of those mixed up.

I don’t have an unopened version of the deck. How can I verify it?

The best resource I’ve found are unboxing videos on YouTube. That said, many content creators assume the basic lands and tokens are of no interest to anyone, and either don’t show them at all or just skip through them in a clump. Those videos are useless. You’ll have to find videos where all the cards are actually displayed, even if just partially (enough that you can match the snippet of visible artwork to actual cards). You may have to slow down the video to 50% or even 25% speed. Make no assumptions! For instance, basic lands sometimes show up in weird orders, especially in older precons, so you need to actually track how many of each you see.

How to submit the CSV

Please host your file on a cloud-sharing platform like Dropbox or Drive and share a link on the original forum post with your submission (you can't upload to the forum directly; that functionality is currently broken).

Alternatively, just open the CSV in Notepad and copy/paste the contents into a "code block" in your reply to the above forum post.

Indicate whether the CSV is verified and, if so, how (if you used an unboxing video, include a link to the source).

Unverified / Missing CSVs

If you would like to contribute to the project, below is a list of all unverified or missing CSV files. Glance through the lists and see if a deck you own is among them.

Type Product Name Edition
Event Deck Rot from Within NPH
Event Deck Infect and Defile MBS
OTHER Jumpstart JMP
OTHER Defenders of the Cause Anthologies
OTHER Dark Alliance Anthologies
Type Product Name Edition
Commander Urza's Iron Alliance BRO
Commander Mishra's Burnished Banner BRO
Challenger Dimir Control Pioneer 2022
Challenger Gruul Stompy Pioneer 2022
Challenger Orzhov Humans Pioneer 2022
Challenger Izzet Phoenix Pioneer 2022
OTHER Jumpstart 2022
OTHER Jumpstart DMU
Intro Pack Unlikely Alliances EMN
Intro Pack Dangerous Knowledge EMN
Intro Pack Shallow Graves EMN
Intro Pack Untamed Wild EMN
Intro Pack Weapons and Wards EMN
Intro Pack Ghostly Tide SOI
Intro Pack Unearthed Secrets SOI
Intro Pack Vampiric Thirst SOI
Intro Pack Angelic Fury SOI
Intro Pack Horrific Visions SOI
Intro Pack Desperate Stand OGW
Intro Pack Twisted Reality OGW
Intro Pack Vicious Cycle OGW
Intro Pack Surge of Resistance OGW
Intro Pack Concerted Effort OGW
Intro Pack Rallying Cry BFZ
Intro Pack Swarming Instinct BFZ
Intro Pack Call of Blood BFZ
Intro Pack Eldrazi Assault BFZ
Intro Pack Zendikar's Rage BFZ
Intro Pack Massed Ranks DTK
Intro Pack Enlightened Mastery DTK
Intro Pack Cruel Plots DTK
Intro Pack Relentless Rush DTK
Intro Pack Furious Forces DTK
Intro Pack Unflinching Assault FRF
Intro Pack Cunning Plan FRF
Intro Pack Grave Advantage FRF
Intro Pack Stampeding Hordes FRF
Intro Pack Surprise Attack FRF
Intro Pack Jeskai Monks KTK
Intro Pack Sultai Schemers KTK
Intro Pack Mardu Raiders KTK
Intro Pack Temur Avalanche KTK
Intro Pack Mortals of Myth JOU
Intro Pack Fates Foreseen JOU
Intro Pack Pantheon's Power JOU
Intro Pack Voracious Rage JOU
Intro Pack The Wilds and the Deep JOU
Intro Pack Gifts of the Gods BNG
Intro Pack Inspiration-Struck BNG
Intro Pack Death's Beginning BNG
Intro Pack Forged in Battle BNG
Intro Pack Insatiable Hunger BNG
Intro Pack Favors from Nyx THS
Intro Pack Manipulative Monstrosities THS
Intro Pack Devotion to Darkness THS
Intro Pack Blazing Beasts of Myth THS
Intro Pack Anthousa's Army THS
Intro Pack Angelic Might AVR
Intro Pack Slaughterhouse AVR
Intro Pack Fiery Dawn AVR
Intro Pack Swift Justice DKA
Intro Pack Relentless Dead DKA
Intro Pack Dark Sacrifice DKA
Intro Pack Spectral Legions ISD
Intro Pack Eldritch Onslaught ISD
Intro Pack Deathly Dominion ISD
Intro Pack Carnival of Blood ISD
Intro Pack Repel the Dark ISD
Intro Pack Artful Destruction NPH
Intro Pack Devouring Skies NPH
Intro Pack Feast of Flesh NPH
Intro Pack Life for Death NPH
Intro Pack Ravaging Swarm NPH
Intro Pack Path of Blight MBS
Intro Pack Doom Inevitable MBS
Intro Pack Mirromancy MBS
Intro Pack Battle Cries MBS
Intro Pack Myr of Mirrodin SOM
Intro Pack Metalcraft SOM
Intro Pack Deadspread SOM
Intro Pack Relic Breaker SOM
Intro Pack Phyrexian Poison SOM
Intro Pack Levelers' Glory ROE
Intro Pack Levelers' Scorn ROE
Intro Pack Invading Spawn ROE
Intro Pack Eldrazi Arisen ROE
Intro Pack Totem Power ROE
Intro Pack Brute Force WWK
Intro Pack Fangs of the Bloodchief WWK
Intro Pack Mysterious Realms WWK
Intro Pack Rapid Fire WWK
Intro Pack Flyover WWK
Intro Pack Kor Armory ZEN
Intro Pack Rise of the Vampires ZEN
Intro Pack Unstable Terrain ZEN
Intro Pack Pumped Up ZEN
Intro Pack The Adventurers ZEN
Intro Pack Legion Aloft ARB
Intro Pack Unnatural Schemes ARB
Intro Pack Dead Ahead ARB
Intro Pack Rumbler ARB
Intro Pack Eternal Siege ARB
Intro Pack Bant on the March CON
Intro Pack Esper Air Assault CON
Intro Pack Grixis Shambling Army CON
Intro Pack Jund Appetite for War CON
Intro Pack Naya Domain CON
Intro Pack Bant Exalted ALA
Intro Pack Esper Artifice ALA
Intro Pack Grixis Undead ALA
Intro Pack Primordial Jund ALA
Intro Pack Naya Behemoths ALA
Intro Pack Brave the Battle ORI
Intro Pack Take to the Sky ORI
Intro Pack Demonic Deals ORI
Intro Pack Assemble Victory ORI
Intro Pack Hunting Pack ORI
Intro Pack Price of Glory M15
Intro Pack Hit the Ground Running M15
Intro Pack Infernal Intervention M15
Intro Pack Flames of the Dragon M15
Intro Pack Will of the Masses M15
Intro Pack Lightforce M14
Intro Pack Psychic Labyrinth M14
Intro Pack Death Reaper M14
Intro Pack Fire Surge M14
Intro Pack Bestial Strength M14
Intro Pack Depths of Power M13
Intro Pack Mob Rule M13
Intro Pack Wild Rush M13
Intro Pack Sacred Assault M12
Intro Pack Grab for Power M12
Intro Pack Entangling Webs M12
Intro Pack Blades of Victory M11
Intro Pack Power of Prophecy M11
Intro Pack Reign of Vampirism M11
Intro Pack Breath of Fire M11
Intro Pack Stampede of Beasts M11
Intro Pack We Are Legion M10
Intro Pack Presence of Mind M10
Intro Pack Death's Minions M10
Intro Pack Firebomber M10
Intro Pack Nature's Fury M10
Starter Set Welcome decks M19
Starter Set Welcome decks 2017
Starter Set Welcome decks 2016
Starter Set Sample decks ORI
Starter Set Sample decks M15
Starter Set Sample decks M14
Starter Set Sample decks M13
Starter Set Sample decks M12
Starter Set Sample decks M11
Starter Set Sample decks 10E
Starter Set Core Game 9ED
Starter Set Core Game 8ED
Starter Set Two-Player Starter Set 7ED
Starter Set Two-Player Starter Set 6ED
Starter Set Two-Player Starter Set 5ED
Starter Set Game Box S00
Starter Set Game Box S99
Starter Set Two-Player Starter Set PTK
Starter Set Two-Player Starter Set P02
Starter Set Two-Player Starter Set POR
Starter Set Introductory Two-Player Set
Starter Set Rivals Quick Start Set
Theme Deck Battle Blitz EVE
Theme Deck Death March EVE
Theme Deck Life Drain EVE
Theme Deck Sidestep EVE
Theme Deck Superabundance EVE
Theme Deck Aura Mastery SHM
Theme Deck Mortal Coil SHM
Theme Deck Army of Entropy SHM
Theme Deck Overkill SHM
Theme Deck Turnabout SHM
Theme Deck Battalion MOR
Theme Deck Going Rogue MOR
Theme Deck Shamanism MOR
Theme Deck Warrior's Code MOR
Theme Deck Kithkin Militia LRW
Theme Deck Merrow Riverways LRW
Theme Deck Boggart Feast LRW
Theme Deck Elvish Predation LRW
Theme Deck Elemental's Path LRW
Theme Deck Fate Blaster FUT
Theme Deck Future Shock FUT
Theme Deck Rebels Unite FUT
Theme Deck Suspended Sentence FUT
Theme Deck Endless March PLC
Theme Deck Ixidor's Legacy PLC
Theme Deck Rituals of Rebirth PLC
Theme Deck Unraveling Mind PLC
Theme Deck Fun With Fungus TSP
Theme Deck Hope's Crusaders TSP
Theme Deck Reality Fracture TSP
Theme Deck Sliver Evolution TSP
Theme Deck Snowscape CSP
Theme Deck Code of the Orzhov GPT
Theme Deck Gruul Wilding GPT
Theme Deck Charge of the Boros RAV
Theme Deck Dimir Intrigues RAV
Theme Deck Selesnya United RAV
Theme Deck Critical Mass SOK
Theme Deck Soratami's Wisdom SOK
Theme Deck Spirit Flames SOK
Theme Deck Truth Seekers SOK
Theme Deck Dark Devotion BOK
Theme Deck Ninjutsu BOK
Theme Deck Rats' Nest BOK
Theme Deck Spiritcraft BOK
Theme Deck Kami Reborn CHK
Theme Deck Snake's Path CHK
Theme Deck Spiritbane CHK
Theme Deck Way of the Warrior CHK
Theme Deck Nuts and Bolts 5DN
Theme Deck Special Forces 5DN
Theme Deck Stampede 5DN
Theme Deck Sunburst 5DN
Theme Deck Master Blaster DST
Theme Deck Mind Swarm DST
Theme Deck Swarm & Slam DST
Theme Deck Transference DST
Theme Deck Bait & Bludgeon MRD
Theme Deck Little Bashers MRD
Theme Deck Sacrificial Bam MRD
Theme Deck Wicked Big MRD
Theme Deck Max Attax SCG
Theme Deck Pulverize SCG
Theme Deck Storm Surge SCG
Theme Deck Elvish Rage LGN
Theme Deck Morph Mayhem LGN
Theme Deck Sliver Shivers LGN
Theme Deck Zombies Unleashed LGN
Theme Deck Bait and Switch ONS
Theme Deck Celestial Assault ONS
Theme Deck Devastation ONS
Theme Deck Ivory Doom ONS
Theme Deck Air Razers JUD
Theme Deck Painflow JUD
Theme Deck Spectral Slam JUD
Theme Deck Burial APC
Theme Deck Pandemonium APC
Theme Deck Swoop APC
Theme Deck Whirlpool APC
Theme Deck Barrage PLS
Theme Deck Comeback PLS
Theme Deck Scout PLS
Theme Deck Blowout INV
Theme Deck Dismissal INV
Theme Deck Heavy Duty INV
Theme Deck Spectrum INV
Theme Deck Distress PCY
Theme Deck Pummel PCY
Theme Deck Slither PCY
Theme Deck Turnaround PCY
Theme Deck Breakdown NEM
Theme Deck Eruption NEM
Theme Deck Mercenaries NEM
Theme Deck Replicator NEM
Theme Deck Deepwood Menace MMQ
Theme Deck Disruptor MMQ
Theme Deck Rebel's Call MMQ
Theme Deck Tidal Mastery MMQ
Theme Deck Assassin UDS
Theme Deck Battle Surge UDS
Theme Deck Enchanter UDS
Theme Deck Fiendish Nature UDS
Theme Deck Crusher ULG
Theme Deck Phyrexian Assault ULG
Theme Deck Radiant's Revenge ULG
Theme Deck Time Drain ULG
Theme Deck The Plague USG
Theme Deck Sleeper USG
Theme Deck Special Delivery USG
Theme Deck Tombstone USG
Theme Deck Groundbreaker EXO
Theme Deck White Heat EXO
Theme Deck Widowmaker EXO
Theme Deck Call of the Kor STH
Theme Deck Migraine STH
Theme Deck The Spikes STH
Theme Deck Deep Freeze TMP
Theme Deck The Flames of Rath TMP
Theme Deck The Slivers TMP
Theme Deck The Swarm TMP
Theme Deck Cho-Manno's Resolve 10E
Theme Deck Arcanis's Guile 10E
Theme Deck Evincar's Tyranny 10E
Theme Deck Kamahl's Temper 10E
Theme Deck Molimo's Might 10E
Theme Deck Army of Justice 9ED
Theme Deck Lofty Heights 9ED
Theme Deck Dead Again 9ED
Theme Deck World Aflame 9ED
Theme Deck Custom Creatures 9ED
Theme Deck Life Boost 8ED
Theme Deck Sky Slam 8ED
Theme Deck Expulsion 8ED
Theme Deck Speed Scorch 8ED
Theme Deck Heavy Hitters 8ED
Theme Deck Armada 7ED
Theme Deck Bomber 7ED
Theme Deck Decay 7ED
Theme Deck Infestation 7ED
Theme Deck Way Wild 7ED
Theme Deck Blinding Fury S99
Theme Deck Time Curse S99
Theme Deck Deadly Instinct S99
Theme Deck Goblin Assault S99
Theme Deck Impaler S99
Theme Deck Shu Kingdom PTK
Theme Deck Wu Kingdom PTK
Theme Deck Wei Kingdom PTK
Theme Deck Martial Law P02
Theme Deck Spellweaver P02
Theme Deck Night Stalkers P02
Theme Deck Goblin Fire P02
Theme Deck Nature's Assault P02